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There are many studies with music affects on learning and health.   To review studies results,  look for credible information.    Credible internet sources include  journals,  credentials,  and have About Us/Contact Us information.  Look at who has provided  the information and what is the motive for the information provided.  Larger study samples  provide more reliable information.  Also look at the variables addressed in the studies to determine if there are discrepancies in the variables that could  positively or negatively affect the study results.   

Here are some research studies of interest.  Review these studies for further information on  the amazing impact music can have on all ages in  a lifetime. 

Music can be beneficial to health treating depression,  lowering stress & anxiety, lowering blood pressure, reducing pain & aiding in the recovery of brain injury.  Retreived February 26, 2016 from

Music  lessons can develop success in academics, coordination, social skills, disipline and patience, self esteem. Retrieved February 26, 2016 from

       Rehab processes have been improved with  music therapy.  Music improves the communication process.  Music is a  form of non verbal communication and has been used to strengthen verbal communication in toddlers, with cochlear implantation.    In this study,  when music was played .the toddlers had more spontaneous communication.  More frequent and prolonged exposure to music provide the best results.  University of Haila  (2010, Jan 7).  Music Therapy Can Assist Toddlers Communication Rehabilitation proccess.   Retreived February 22, 2010 from website:  

Practicing music increases memory and language skills.    ( 2009, Oct. 10).   Improving  Cognitive Skills with Music.  Retrieved February 22, 2010 from Medicalnewstoday website:

 Between ages 6 to 8 years of age music lessons can affect motor  & brain development,  Retreived February 26, 2016 from
Concordia University. "Early music lessons boost brain development." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 12 February 2013. <>.


      Music benefits language development, test scores, increases IQ, increases fine motor skills. Retreived February 26, 2016 from
Music releases Dopamine and pleasure rewards.  retrieved from CNN Health         

Musical training has been linked to increased gray matter in the brain 
Retrieved February 26, 2016 from

Gray matter affects ability to understand  reward and con sequences
Retrieved  February 26,2016 from


Children with music training had improved reading skills retrieved February 26, 2016 from SAGE Publications/Psychology of Music. "Music Education Can Help Children Improve Reading Skills." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 16 March 2009. <>.




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