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A world where everyone can play and have musical expression for a life time. 

"I don't put boundaries on myself when I sit at the piano"  
Vanessa Carlton,  song writer and pianist

The Simply Music Program was developed by Neil Moore, in 1998, and is a pioneer for a new direction in music education.  This program uses a   natural playing based method  of learning,  to play blues, jazz, classical, gospel,  accompaniments, improvisation (spontaneously assemble note and chords into melody) from your first lessons.    Mr. Moore took traditional piano lessons as a child, never learning how to read music until he was an adult.    He  developed this method based on his personal experiences in learning to play the piano.  He visualized shapes and patterns on the keyboard.  This program was developed to help change the culture of   piano education instruction methods.  This method has been successful to help those who have been unsuccessful with traditional piano education instruction methods,to have the opportunity of  success in learning to play the piano. 

Simply Music GOAL:  to introduce music, to provide musical self expression, to encourage music as part of your life.

First piano program now available in South Dakota!


Simply Music program ensures quanity, quality, ease of learning, self generating from the first songs. 
The first songs learned are used as basis to play more complicated songs in later lessons.   This in turn creates less anxiety in learning new material. 
Group lessons are the preferred method, private lessons are available. 
Lessons are multisensory using touch, rythmn patterns, auditory, visual, repetition.   

Music is a mirror into our souls.  Music impacts intelligence, provides self enjoyment, self expression and  self affirmation.
Student home kit includes piano book, CD, DVD, reference book for students to review lessons.

Group based lessons are fun, dynamic, vibrant, ever changing, more questions asked and answered, fast learners teach slower learners.  Group learning provides opportunity for playing in front of an audience, less fear during public performances, sing alongs, community experiences, team work, commraderie.

This program is a natural way of learning, like a baby learns to talk before learning to read.  Maintaining the Playlist keeps what has been learned alive, and is valuable  for future learning of  more complicated music.

Simply Music is Multigenerational: Life coach and all family members can learn to play with the student, using the home material packet.  Students do not have to know how to read to learn to play using the Simply Music Piano Program.

3 Key components
Life Coach has a clear role and responsibility
 to encourage student to maintain a long term relationship with the piano. 

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